waitForIdleTimeout session question

I am using Appium Server 1.18.0 with Robot framework 3.2.1. I am running tests on physical device, android.

I have a problem, that elements are only located after ‘waitForIdleTimeout’ times out, which is 10 seconds. When I create a new session, in the inspector I go to Actions and update this server setting to waitForIdleTimeout=10 . Now when I run the test on a physical device, the devicelog says it is still 10000 instead of 100.
Any ideas? My test starts with Open Application keyword, which has desired capabilities and everything. Does it open a new session and for that, the setting does not apply? I would be grateful for some advice or literature how to troubleshoot further, or if there is something I can hack in the uiautormator2 to fix this. I have been stuck on this for days…