Wanted: Dotnet Client Maintainer

We are looking for a person skilled in C# and Appium/Selenium automation to help us with dotnet driver maintenance, which includes:

  • Issues triaging and fixing
  • Reviewing of pull requests
  • Releasing stable and beta library updates
  • Refactoring and improving the existing codebase

As a result you get:

  • Expertise in Appium
  • Advanced GIT profile for your account
  • Recognition from Appium and open source community
  • More good in the universe
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Hi @mykola-mokhnach, please forward an e-mail of this process. I would like to become a maintainer.

Thank you for your reply @akinsolb Can you please clarify your question? I don’t quite understand about which email address we are talking.

Apologies, what is the process of becoming an appium .Net client maintainer? I’m very much interested in housekeeping, iOS, and bringing the client in line with the java client.

There is no strictly defined process. We have client repository in GihHub, this forum and a separate issues tracker (in the same repository). You can fork the repository and start triaging user issues even right now. If you see there are some things, which need immediate attention, then feel free to create a pull request and fix them.

Internally we use Slack to discuss development things. I could invite you there if you provide your email address.

Thanks, please add me ([email protected]) to the Appium Slack team.

I will try to help out with a user issue or two when I have some time… I figured it would help someone else to leave this starting point behind:


I would like to apply for this position. Let me know if I can be any help. Thanks

I have recently created several tasks at https://github.com/appium/appium-dotnet-driver/issues
Feel free to pick up any of them