Wanted: Python Client Maintainer

We are looking for a person skilled in Python and Appium/Selenium automation to help us with python driver maintenance, which includes:

  • Issues triaging and fixing
  • Reviewing of pull requests
  • Releasing stable and beta library updates
  • Refactoring and improving the existing codebase

As a result you get:

  • Expertise in Appium
  • Advanced GIT profile for your account
  • Recognition from Appium and open source community
  • More good in the universe

I am not very proficient in Python but I can try to give my best. I have been using Appium since Appium 1.3 but largely with Java client.

I’ve been doing Python dev for about 5 years now, been using Selenium/Appium for about 2… Still pretty young to the game but I’ve looking for an open source project to really get my hands into, I’d love help out with the maintenance of the Python Driver.

Sound interesting to me. I’ve been developing/using python/Appium for 2 years, extensively. Thanks to Appium I founded literally hundreds of bugs, defects, crashes, ANRs, etc. Its time to pay this back and contribute sth to Appium community. Will try to help. Regards!

Thank you for your replies. Here you can find some documentation to start with. The client repository URL is present in the summary above. Please join our Appium Slack channel and feel free to ask development-related questions there. Also, we can create a separate one for Python client itself if you see a need for it.

@KazuCocoa @isaac FYI

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Sure, @mykola-mokhnach could I get an invite to the Slack channel? Email is [email protected]

Thanks @mykola-mokhnach .

I looked at the https://appium.slack.com/signup, bit it does not takes gmail login.

Give me your email and I’ll send an invitation

[email protected]

Please include me since it does not allow hotmail.com. I want to start contributing and want to follow the slack conversations.

my email id on hotmail is surendra_Krishnan. Please send me slack invite to join the development discussions.

@mykola-mokhnach Do you still need more Python contibutors?

@mykola-mokhnach Do you still need more Python contibutors?

of course we need

Nice. I’m pretty new with appium. I’m developing automated tests with Python since few months now and I’m interesting in helping this tool becoming better.
If I can help the community you can add me.

Send me your email address so I can invite you to Slack. Otherwise feel free to stat creating PRs

Sure, [email protected]

hi @mykola-mokhnach, could you send me an invite for slack ?

My email is [email protected]