WebDriverAgent Keeps On Black Screen After Running Of Several Tests

Hello guys,

I have problem with WebDriverAgent. After running 5-10 tests, WebDriverAgent keeps on black screen, does not want to go background and the next tests are waiting for WebDriverAgent. The solution which I use for now it is just restart device and run tests again.

Is there another solution to prevent that kind of situation?

Thanks in advance

Yeah this is a killer for me too.

On the WDA issues they say it’s an xcode bug and nothing they can do. While this remains the case, the solution is very limited.
e.g. https://github.com/facebook/WebDriverAgent/issues/446
e.g. https://github.com/facebook/WebDriverAgent/issues/355

Only solution i’ve seen is a reboot of the iDevice

Anyone had any solution to this aside from manual device restart?

Getting the same issue with IOS XCUItest tests. Any idea how to overcome this issue?