WebDriverAgent on Appium 2.0

Hi guys. I’m trying to run tests with appium 2.0 beta with ios real device.
But where is the folder with webdriveragent?
Or what the way to add wda to appium
Thanks in an advance


My question was about appium 2.0 - i don’t see there webdriveragent

what you mean?

  • command line appium
  • GUI Appium

they both already 2.0 versions.

How you installing appium?

e.g. command line appium installed on mac has path to WDA:


command line appium version now is 1.22

i see 2.0 is older:image

I mean I know where for appium 1.22 placed appium-webdriveragent, but for appium 2.0 the folder is not there.

aga! looks like it need install first -> https://appiumpro.com/editions/122-installing-appium-20-and-the-driver-and-plugins-cli

I saw this article (generally i’ve used it as guide), but there is no info about webdriveragent

For any who see the same issue:
You can place you xcuitestdriver such as appium driver install xcuitest -ah Users//Desktop/appium2.0
And here will be placed your wda
Thanks Aleksei

exactly! this is last part in guide:

Setting the driver repository location