WebDriverWait<Explicit Wait> is not working for Appium


Can anyone please let me know how to use explicit is appium using java. I have tried below code but its not working. As soon as it reaches this line of code, it wont perform anything, after 60 sec automatically it will uninstall the App.
WebElement myDynamicElement = (new WebDriverWait(driver, time))

So can one please let me know how to use

Is this a native application running in native context? I’m not sure if By.id is the right locator you want to use if this is in a native context. Did you mean MobileBy.accessibilityId instead?

If you expect that an element should be there, and By.id is not leading to the right element, then that means either your application is breaking your test (which means your test is doing its job right), or you need to use a different locator strategy to find the element.