WebView on Android Emulator allows me to continue in Native but not on Physical Devices

I’m using Appium in Java in order to test an App that goes through a hybrid page before moving back to Native. I noticed that testing on an emulator I can continue locating and interacting with the elements natively, however when using a physical device this method doesn’t work and when I try to switch WebView I get the “chrome not reachable” message in the already existing tickets. I also noticed that an app called “WebView Browser Tester” got installed with the same functionality, I was wondering if anyone knows why this happens and if there’s any way to get the same effect on Physical Devices?

I also saw this stackoverflow reply to someone facing these kind of problems in Appium (https://stackoverflow.com/a/41931632/4596657) saying that the new UIAutomator allows you to inspect webview as if it was a native environment, I guess this scenario proves it but I haven’t seen anyone else talking about it, plus I’m still unable to implement it in physical devices.

Any thoughts or solutions for this?

Just for informational purposes: I’m using Appium 1.7.2, Chromedriver 3.35 (although I tried with many) and updated Chrome to the latest version.