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Hi everyone i could really use your help on this one, i’ve created an authomation project for android devices (using jsystem,applitools,and selenium,and appium) - all worked very well, but when i’ve tried to build a similar project on iOS, i came across a lot of problems,

The primary one is that when i’m trying to switch (during the authomation test) between different apps, Appium get stuck, and i cannot continue the test (i’m using a mac) and my code is in JAVA.
Any suggestions how to do so? This is very important in my mobile authomation test, since the app i’m testing is opened from other apps.

The switch is fail once my app was opened via another app, for example clicking on file that was received in email, will initiate my app, and then appium get stuck

Thanks in advance.


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Hi All,
I have a query for appium whenever i launch the appium server the i get a pop up message at inspector window as failed to connect to server please check the server is running after clicking the prelaunch application checkbox.please help

Ashish Juyal

Hi i am new to the appium
could u please tellme how to handle autocompletetextview elements in appium?


I am a test automation specialist working at the Daily Mail Online. I am interested in getting involved in Appium as a contributor. Is there some kind of contributor agreement to be signed?

Hi Can anyone tell me how to close the topics for which you have got the answers

In iOS session is created for the app itself and whenever u try to communicate between other apps the iOS security kills the driver

Thanks for the post appium. I’ve been looking for this stuff to help me out. Thank You.

Appium driver cannot find any elements in the UI of the app. Tried find element by id,xpath,name.Nothing seems to work

Can anyone pls invite me to Appium group Slack/Discourse group ?

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Can you pls invite me to the Appium Group Community. I am beginner in the Mobile Automation.

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Please send me invite to any active appium community . I am beginner in Mobile Automation using appium.

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I am automation the android SDK player. My Video player is Android SDK player not HTML5 or Flash. How can we perform the below scenarios on Android SDK player.
Subtitle detection inside the video player - Presence of a subtitle.

  1. Lip sync/reading.
  2. How to get the metadata or thumbnail of a video player.
  3. How to detect a blank or black screen.
    Can we automate above scenarios for Android SDK player? I am using the Appium for mobile app automation. Do we have any external lib/tool/jar available which will support to appium to perform above scenarios? Any JavaScript actions?