Welcome to the new appium-discuss

Discourse is such a nicer forum than google-groups, and we really pride ourselves on having an active community. Here, posts will be more useful for people looking to solve issues.

If you have any comments about the new discourse forum, or just want to experiment with features, feel free to reply to this post. Don’t worry about making mistakes :smile:

An important feature of the new appium-discuss is the ability to add tags to your post. Please apply the proper category, but also add tags for platform, appium version, language, and OS.

Only admins can create new tags, so post here with any suggestions.



I would like to thank you guys for making the change from google-groups this is much prettier :smile:

I observed a problem though with profile settings / especially adding links to your About Me section and Website section.

Check the related screenshot and than step into my profile to observe the problem.

You can see that it appears as a link in the preview and the website is a full url but if you venture into my profile you will see that the website is trimmed and the CV is not a link.

They are now working as expected :smile:

Yeah I’m glad we switched to Discourse as well :smile:

If you find any bugs, you can post them at meta.discourse.org

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Good improvement (although I liked the google group).

I think it can still improve if we separate Android and iOS testing (creating “subforums”). I found it very hard to find related topics, I never know if they are related with the platform I want or not until I read them.

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We have ‘tags’ for topics, but maybe thats a good idea. What do others think? @bootstraponline @isaac
We can create separate iOS and Android categories.

I’m not sure doubling the amount of categories (one for iOS, one for Android) is going to help. If topics are tagged properly then I think that will solve the problem?


I’m agreeing with @bootstraponline right now, but still wondering what the rest of the community thinks :smiley:

+1 to @bootstraponline , embracing good tagging is a better solution.

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Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I don’t see any topic with tags. Can you give an example of a topic correctly tagged with the OS?

Randomly picked one. This topic is tagged as “Android”.
The option to add tags is by where you set the title of the topic.

Hi there. I hope I’m posting in the right place.
Ive been searching the web for 2 days now, so I don’t think my question is too silly.
I am a tester for an iOS App. we upgraded to Xcode6 and have released using Xcode6. We cannot go back to Xcode5.
Unfortunately all our tests are written in Appium. I cannot get the Automation started for the changes I need to add into the tests. When will an Appium app be available so I can use inspector?

Is there a way to get on an early tester program?



No, this isn’t the right place. This is the ‘welcome to our discussion group’s new home’ thread.

Well, then it needs to be clearer how to get to other threads. I couldn’t find anything else. I’m glad the top says Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. I won’t make that mistake again.

Are you testing iOS8 apps? We are currently working on the iOS8 support and it will be released soon!

xCode6 should work fine with appium, to my knowledge. Try cloning the github repository and running appium from source, rather than using the desktop apps, I think they are a version behind right now.

Yes :slight_smile: I’m testing iOS apps on iOS8 and 7. But it was built in XCode6, and we can’t build it in 5, so I have to use the latest.
I did get the beta of Appium App and the server. It is working pretty well so far.
Thank you!

Hi jonahss,
i am new in Appium and mobile automation tool for iOS and Android.can you tell how we can use appium on Sause Labs for automation. we are currently using selenium with java.


There are lots of resources available! For an explanation of running appium on Sauce you can look at these: https://saucelabs.com/resources/appium-bootcamp

That tutorial is only in Ruby.
here: http://appium.io/slate/en/master/

Plus feel free to submit new questions/posts to the forum.


The tutorial is in both Ruby & Java.



Hi All,
I have query:
Do I have to use the same provisioning profile and apple id((For eg. abc) for automation and execution of scripts on real devices which i have used for compilation and installation of app on real device from another mac machine.