What appium client to use?


I’ve been using Appium for a while, started with the Java client, then realised one of the things I wanted to do was available in the ruby library so switched to that, now I am considering again my options…

There are several clients available: https://github.com/appium

My question is: which one is the best/most advanced one? Is there any place with the features each one provides for the different OSs?

I understand that having multiple clients in multiple languages is good because more people with different backgrounds can use the app, but isn’t this splitting the community instead of getting everyone’s efforts in the same tool?

I am asking this because I find it very frustrating that in some clients the gestures are better implemented, some have better pop up dismissing, new versions of appium just break other clients…

I am keen to help and contribute to appium but it is not easy to start and decide. Can anyone help me with these questions?