What are the options if devs are not ready to change the codes of Native_App, for the bug, where user is not able to select dropdown/spinner elements

Hi @Aleksei,
I have followed multiple bugs/threads related to the issue on android, where user is not able to select an element from the dropdown. Because the element is not identified by uiAutomatorViewer and Appium.
I tried below mentioned steps:

  • Tried to change the “context” to webview - This is not possible, because my app is Native_App

  • Asked developers to make code changes in the app to resolve this issue - Devs are not agreeing for that.

  • Tried clicking the item by co-ordinates - Not possible, because the position of the element is random

Could you please suggest, if there are any other options I can explore to solve this issue?

Send examples of problem screens in private message (if it better to hide details).

Without examples hardly we can help.

@Aleksei unable to send you private message.

In the screenshot, you can see, when I try to select any items of the dropdown “Receiver Type”, the element in the background gets selected. The DOM, as visible in appium is also in the screenshot.
Please help

  1. sent you private message
  2. try add to capabilities:
capabilities.setCapability("enableMultiWindows", true);

it will show a bit more elements.

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also. How about blindly try:

MobileElement el = (MobileElement) driver.findElement(MobileBy.AndroidUIAutomator("new UiSelector().text(\"Wife\")"));

I had already tried it earlier, doesn’t help

I also have the same scenario and after having adding “enableMultiWindows” capabilities, I am able to select the value from drop-down. Here is my code:

Actions keyActions = new Actions(appiumDriver);

MobileElement elementFromList = getBaseMobileDriver().findElement(By.xpath("//android.widget.ListView/android.widget.TextView[@text='" + strTxtField+ "']"));