What command do you use to run iOS native app appium test by terminal

what command do you use to run iOS native app appium test by terminal?

Usually the Appium server is already running when you launch your test. In this case, you would just launch your test like any other application. Your test code should include a command to connect to the Appium server for initialization, and Appium will launch Xcode’s instruments to start the simulator.

afwang thank you for replying my question.

is the below code used for starting the server?
Appium::Driver.new(caps: selenium.capabilities).start_driver
Appium.promote_appium_methods Object

I have this in code and sometimes when I do not start appium server manually in one terminal then i get 500 server error, then I kill the node and start appium then test starts running again.

I was actually not asking regarding starting appium server but was asking here that what command do you use to run appium test in console for e.g…, to see present directory we type pwd on console, like that what do you type exactly if you want to run appium test if you have feature file, step definition. I am just begging to use appium and i am using

cucumber -r step_definitions -r support pp.feature

is that the correct command to use?