What is the best build tool to use with Appium/Java project?

I would like to use a Build tool as a part of a CI/CD process. My automation project will not be in the same environment as the Android App project. I plan to import it from an external source.

I would like to work in the Eclipse IDE and Git as a source control system.

What will be the best build tool which suits an Appium\Java Project?

We use maven and no care about build :slight_smile:

Are you using a local .apk file to the perform the Android tests?

@KatzBo yes. i just build it myself with Jenkins configured Plan from any branch needed and put it into some folder on test machine where tests are starting.

@Aleksei thanks for your answer.
I am looking a way to import a remote .apk into my maven project as a “dependency”, So Maven will fetch the .apk file from a remote location ( server or git) into its local folder, as a test app.
Maven will then build the Appium project with all its dependencies and generate a report.

Any Ideas how to make it happen?

@KatzBo hundred of ways to do this with many plugins available e.g. -https://github.com/maven-download-plugin/maven-download-plugin

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It worked for me.
many thanks @Aleksei ! :muscle: