What is the best use of Appium for automated testing?

I was wondering what and how people are testing with Appium.

Is it mostly component or unit level testing? Or, is it more workflow oriented?
How long is a typical automated test plan? Are they shorter, 1 - 25 steps, or longer, 75 - 100 steps (or greater) in length?

The reason that I ask is because we are trying to automate some lengthy workflow test plans (75 - 100 steps or longer) and we are seeing some strange behavior with taking snapshots. The snapshots are being taken; however, the queue cannot keep up with placing them in the tmp folder and by the end of the test I only have about the first 25 snapshots instead of all of them. By putting some wait times in the test, we can get more snapshots (still not all of them); however, it defeats our purpose of trying to test quickly. My small group has about 100 test plans, including many of a shorter nature, that we are trying to automate. Our hope was to run them on a nightly basis.

By the way, we are on Xcode 6.1, iOS 8.1, Appium 1.3.4 and Ruby 2.0.0p481.

I’m wondering if the automated testing with Appium, as a whole, is more conducive to shorter unit- or component-level testing than how we are trying to use it as an automated workflow test?

Would be curious to hear how others are automating their tests.

Thank you for any information.