What is the best way for the IOS native app testing?

Hello, firstly I’m sorry for disturbing you guys,
I need your help and I got some questions if you got little time and you answer my questions I would be grateful to you.
1-) I need to do IOS native app automate , should i work exactly with real device or with Xcode simulator?
2-) I’m using xcode right now, but I have a problem and I couldn’t find a solution to it on all platforms.For example, when I search for a hotel, the application returns up to 20 results and does not freeze, but if there are more than 20 results, my simulator freezes and loses its work. What should I do I don’t know if the problem is me or the application?

Thanks for the help guys.

If you have many items xcuitest will be slow as hell. Nothing can be done. There are tricks to speedup a bit by using search one element instead of list, use only ids, predicates or class chains. But it only helps a bit. All you can do reduce search to have less elements.

IOS shows also elements outside screen that is why number of elements where to search can be very large.

@Aleksei You’re right, that must be the problem. Because it gives too many results and that causes the app to freeze. What should we say to the developer for this problem? He says the problem is caused by appium.

ask him to write native XCUITest to check :slight_smile:
Appium uses same native commands…

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: so what is your answer for the first question real device or xcode ?

I like more real device but all depends on your app. E.g. camera does not work on simulator

@Aleksei Yes, I like real device too, but I couldn’t test real device with the app in any way for IOS. Is there a place where I can get information? I can’t get the connection.


@Aleksei I got one question in this point, we need use same appleID with developer ?

For real device you need have ios developer but your cert may be different from developer who build app.