What is the Key code for this key from Android Keyboard for Appium scripting?

I am trying to send an SMS with Python and Appium. When I type the phone number, I need to press the blue key on the bottom right corner (see screenshot) to validate the phone and then to write the SMS.

I thought to use “Keys.ENTER”, but it transform the phone number I previously typed in some kind of cross inside a box (see screenshot) .

If I press by hand the blue validation key on the bottom right corner of the keyboard, it validates the phone and I can start to type my SMS. So obviously “Keys.ENTER” is not this blue key.

Here is the screenshot:

Here is the code:

time.sleep(random.uniform(1.1, 2.1))
time.sleep(random.uniform(0.5, 0.8))
# For sms, we can't check if we found element. We need to press the Key "VALIDATE" or "ENTER"
time.sleep(random.uniform(0.5, 0.8))
time.sleep(random.uniform(0.5, 0.8))

Does anyone can help please?

Can you post the XML for the screen?

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