What is the recommended tool/IDE to run and debug Appium from source?

I’m interested in contributing to Appium and I’ve successfully been able to run Appium from source. However, I’m stuck on trying to find a way to set up breakpoints and debug Appium while running tests on a device.

I’ve tried node-inspector and the Webstorm IDE, but they both fail to break on code within different appium packages. I’m pretty new to this so I would appreciate any feedback that would help me get a better grip on this!

Bouncing this thread up as I am interested in this too. I use Appium from source but when it comes to debugging with breakpoints, I haven’t found anything that works well. Visual Studio code does a good job of hitting breakpoints in files under /build but I haven’t been able to get sourcemaps working so debugging is a pain. Sometimes, it doesn’t hit the breakpoints and at other times, all the async and generator calls make it dizzy. Tried the Theseus debugger as well - apparently it doesn’t support breakpoints.

So, what do people developing/contributing to Appium use for debugging Appium itself?