What's the meaning of the accessible attribute

Often I see the attribute ‘accessible’, what is the meaning of this?

I’m using a python & iOS app

<XCUIElementTypeOther type="XCUIElementTypeOther" name="id_splitBill_splitItem_addReceiptButton" enabled="true" visible="false" accessible="false" x="365" y="419" width="350" height="55" index="1">

WebDriverAgent/WebDriverAgentLib/Categories/XCUIElement+FBAccessibility.m at master · appium/WebDriverAgent · GitHub

This is the value of XC_kAXXCAttributeIsElement accessibility property. I assume it reflects isAccessibilityElement control’s property. “Assume”, because this property is not exposed by any public XCTest APis and is only present in WebDriverAgent and thus is not documented anywhere.

I think it’s an API for writing your app so that it’s accessible by the visually impaired:


hmm, it’s still not clear for me.

to investigate I created a new iOS test app in swiftUI but now I even don’t see the ‘accessible’ attribute anymore :crazy_face:

Any feedback why this attribute is not shown is welcome
Appium Desktop version = 1.20 (on macOS Big Sur)

SwiftUI code:

oeps, I found the reason, there is a new version -> 1.21 and now I can see it :flushed: