When appium operates the ipad Pro simulator, the use of coordinates to click is invalid (the actual coordinates are greater than the positioned coordinates)

Problem Description:

The coordinates of the device are inaccurate, resulting in less than the expected coordinates when clicking on the coordinates.
I used image positioning to get the element and its center coordinates (I can make sure that the coordinates are the center coordinates visually), but when I use the ipad pro simulator to operate, use the coordinates to click, it is invalid, try to put the The coordinates increased, and I found that the click was successful. I tried many sizes of ipad, such as: ipad mini, ipad, ipad Pro, the result is that only ipad Pro has this situation, its coordinates are larger than the coordinates I entered, and at the same time I compared the size of the ipad with the size of the ipad Pro, and got a coefficient (2048 / 1620), I multiplied the coordinates by this coefficient, and finally clicked successfully. Can you help me see if this is a problem?

Version Information

MacOs: 12.2.1
appium: 1.22.3
xcode: 13.4.1
Simulator ios version 15.2
Emulator size type ipad Pro