Which is best cloud based service for mobile testing & automation?

Hi All,

I came across below , if anything missed please add and also kindly share your experiences related to cloud mobile testing services

  1. SauceLabs
  2. BrowserStack
  3. TestObject
  4. PerfectoMobile

Thanks in advance.


couple of more services which I found today

  1. http://www.testchameleon.com/
  2. http://www.telerik.com/mobile-testing
  3. http://xamarin.com/test-cloud
  4. http://testdroid.com
  5. https://beta.nativetap.io/
  6. https://aws.amazon.com/device-farm/
  7. https://www.xamarin.com/test-cloud
  8. https://kobiton.com/
  9. https://firebase.google.com/docs/test-lab/
  10. https://headspin.io/

Please share in case you find any new service.

This will be useful for evaluation of services

Is there any open source cloud service, which we can configure private mobile lab?

I doubt if someone wants to make it open source as this service costs lots of money.

I haven’t seen any open source cloud service. All these services are paid and they generate income on the basis of that. However, you can always develop your very own cloud service :stuck_out_tongue:

I used appThwack this week. Setup was fairly easy, just swap out some desiredCapabilities values.

Did anyone had success using Appium with Browser Stack? I tried but it was all buggy.


Did you get a chance to build any in-house mobile lab?

Does anybody have pointers to how we can build our own in-house mobile lab than relying on cloud based platforms where the charges are too high. When i say in-house mobile lab, it is not just 1-2 devices, but scale maximum of 5-10 devices(Max.).

Some clients have budget constraints but they are fine with testing focused on couple of devices. They also wanted their mobiles accessed from both Onsite and Offshore model.

Can anybody please share if you have any thoughts.


Hey UD,

We did experiment with our own cloud-based testing framework. It’s something like what Amazon has done with their Device Farm. It’s not very stable. However, I can not indulge into the details of the same due to company policies. :stuck_out_tongue:
Although, not really sure how you can access mobile phones from offshore. That would be quite a challenge.

@UD check out https://github.com/saikrishna321/AppiumTestDistribution , you can buy devices based on highest usage basis and do in house mobile grid setup.

Did anybody try SeeTest from Experitest?I am trying to evaluate a cloud solution which can support non ui testing(uisng adb commands and shell commands).

Do we know if Google Firebase test lab is supported for Appium?

You might find this comparison list of cloud based solutions also interesting: https://blog.testproject.io/2020/02/04/top-5-solutions-executing-test-automation-cloud-comprehensive-comparison/

Does anybody has answer for this? I would also like to try running my integration tests which are using appium wdio framework for automating my mobile application to run them in firebase test labs.

No, you can’t run Appium test on Firebase test lab.