Which is the latest version of appium for mac?

I worked on the latest version of appium which is 1.7.1 for windows.
But when i tried to install it on mac, i found only 1.2.6 as the latest release.
Is it(v1.2.6) the latest version of appium for mac??

v1.7.2-beta its the latest release. If you dont want a beta, then its v1.7.1 independently of the OS

Hii @Telmo_Cardoso,

Please look at the screenshot and explain me what am i seeing?.

Thats the version of appium-desktop, it includes the appium server (I think its the v1.7.1), it includes an inspector, a recorder and off couse the GUI to manage all that. I don’t know lot of details, because I don’t use it :slight_smile:

Thanks @Telmo_Cardoso
Not it is very much clear to me!