Which selector to use when multiple languages are to be tested?

I’m building a UI Map for ios and android automation, and I’m struggling with finding a good way to find elements on screen.

Accessibility IDs are obviously preferred as they are unique, but what am I supposed to use if I have multiple languages to test? Are there any specific approaches for that?

The approach should come from dev team. Generally i observed resource-id(like html-Id in web) is best way to give unique IDs for objects. As far as this Id is unique, no matter of language(as text property holds the language).

But i hope in your entire test suite you may dependent on other properties too, so as far as you can reach Dev team, you have control.

I’ve had a chat with the dev and we will use:

  • for android - resource ID
  • for iOS - accessibilityIdentifier - this is different from accessibility label, and works perfectly