Why Appium GUI client's server version is much behind npm version

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Does anyone know why Appium GUI client’s server version is always much behind current appium server version ?

Currently latest GUI has server version 1.4.1 but the npm has version 1.4.6

Please clarify

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I remember reading in some other post that, they usually take sometime to prepare the bundle package .dmg or .exe.

Different developers work on app and server.

@Simon_K thanks for reply , can you please clarify below

any reason why server is tied up with client ?

Why can the client be stand alone; just to recognize elements in app ?


It is standalone, they are not tied. You can use command line version and app separately.

This problem will be solved in future as it is part of their roadmap. They have plans to use Electron to build cross-platform appium GUI app. Please refer this.

Thanks @sahajamit for clarification.