Why appium not showing the child views with having react native application on iOS


I’m facing trouble in identifying the child hierarchies in the appium. In ios, all chid hierarchies are hidden when I do spy via appium inspector with the React native app. But, in android, I was able to see both the parent and child hierarchy. In appium forums what they mentioned was, changing the accessibility mode as false is the solution to get the child hierarchy in ios. But without disabling the accessibility as false from the dev side, is there any other solution to get it resolved from the appium side?

Thanks in advance.

Most likely because React itself or your app source does not expose these views to the accessibility.

@XCAutomation you can double check with xCode -> Open Developer Tools -> Accessibility Inspector

One more query is, why this kind of problem have a simple solution to change the accessibility as false? It would be helpful, if u explain it briefly.

I’ll check with the xCode accessibility inspector as well.

Thank u for the immediate response. @mykola-mokhnach and @Aleksei


Hi @mykola-mokhnach, do we need to add accessible=false to every upper layer of the element?
I read the article you mentioned, but still not fully understand the idea.

I assume the idea there is that only particular elements like buttons or text edits must be made accessible. Their containers must always have accessible set to false.