Why Appium not supporting iOS automation on Windows machine?


I just want to know why Appium not supporting iOS automation on Windows machine because I have worked in a automation tool called SeeTest it supporting both iOS and Android devices in Windows machine.I heard that iOS don’t have support library for Windows OS if it so why we cant try through iTune Application I think SeeTest running through this application only. I just trying to know why its not possible that all :smile:


Good Point raised @vijay_kumar… really appreciated it :+1:
i too want to know the reason why IOS automation not supported for Appium on Windows.?

Vijay Bhaskar.

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Appium’s using instruments to run automation on ios devices, and that’s not available on Windows.

Makes me wonder though, what is seetest using?

SeeTest is a paid / premium Mobile automation tool I’m not sure how SeeTest is working for iPhone we connecting iPhone through iTune application in Windows that all I know. Instruments is an application mean it a built in application for Mac OS X?. So, their is no possibility for iOS automation in Windows without that Instruments application.

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