Why do we use Appium for mobile testing?

I have a very basic clarification over here.

Without using any tool, is there any possibility to perform the mobile testing.

Because in Web application testing with the help of selenium jar files itself the automation testing can be done.

If it is not possible what the Appium is real does in the testing. In other words how it integrates with Selenium jar files, json objects etc.,

Without any tool if you can do anything that is manual testing.

In appium also we have 1 server and 1 jar file similar to selenium

selenium server standalone.jar [ contains server and library used to interact with web browser]

java_client.jar + Appium server GUI [ we have a seperate exe for appium server + java_client jar contains library to interact with mobile browser / app ]

Thanks for your reply @amitjaincoer191

When we do web application testing. There we don’t use any kind of tool apart from selenium jars (server/client) .

Yes we have appium support library, Java client library, Selenium jar files.
I just want to how the architecture is designed for mobile testing in Appium.

In the Appium mobile testing automation, what it does actually inside.

@Hassan_Radi Can you clear my clarification.

Selenium provides a set of interfaces that should be implemented to adapt the “WebDriver JSON Wire Protocol” standard to a new platform. That is exactly what the guys @Appium.io did, they implemented those interfaces and added the support for Andoid and iOS platforms.

  • For specific details about how the JSON wire protocol is implemented, please refer to this.
  • For details about Appium design and Philosophy, please refer to this.

You can also refer appium architecture at below. This is best example I found till date.

You can run Appium tests without Appium.app as well. You just need to to create a node by running a command in terminal and run the tests on it. A nodeconfig.json file can be provided while creating the node, wherein you can specify the capabilities.

It is much similar to your selenium grid. But Selenium allows you to run the tests without grid as well. That’s not permitted in Appium.