Why does _EditText_.send_keys("548") trigger cut/copy/paste popup menu?

For default android calculator, with Python client, below code trigger paste popup menu 3 times, but no text in the EditText?

    el = driver.find_elements_by_class_name('android.widget.EditText')

just like long press.

on Mac 10.10,
Android 4.4.2
Appium 1.4.1,
Appium-Python-Client (0.14)
selenium (2.45.0)

Any clues?

This sounds like a bug, the android input text logic is actually pretty complex.

but, but, but it’s a fundamental function. I hope it’s my wrong really.

Yes this sounds like bug with Java code as well, I found similar issue. However now it’s working correctly without any modification.

That’s weird.
Maybe some changes on android phone or some configuration changes?

I’m running into this with iOS 8.4 when using send_keys to send unicode with python 2.7’s u"unicode text" strings. Investigating for a workaround …

I suspect instead of a per-character input, it’s copying the string in, which brings up the context menu by accident. It looks like it’s possible to do a workaround where you just click the appium object element (in my case a UIASearchBar) to dismiss the menu.