Why does application close and open after each test?


Why does application close and open after each test ?
Is it possible to run all test cases without launching again and again app ?

I am stuck in android app testing with Appium.
Please help me.

It sounds like a problem with the way you have your TestNG or JUnit annotations setup.

Thanks for your reply .
Can you share me code ?
I Am using junit annotation.

I’m using TestNG, but I think maybe you are running your DesiredCapabilities before each @Test. What I do is run these in @BeforeClass which contains several “@Tests”, and after all test have run, the app closes. So when I run a test suite, the app does open/close for each class, but you can set the suite to only open the app before the suite and close after it’s run. Here’s a link that explains it better:

I solved this.

Hey @leppo

I want to relaunch app after every test case pass. suggest me solution.