Will button-triggered App relaunch break appium server?

Hey all,

I am currently encounter an issue on Android (haven’t tried on iOS yet)

There is a configuration section on the app, when i change the config and press the save button. the app will be closed and relaunched, which looks fine when I do it manually.

But, when I try to do this using appium automation, when the button is pressed, app is trying to relaunched. at this moment, server throw error message, and it stops.

The error message on server:
2016-01-08 17:13:33:910 - info: <-- POST /wd/hub/session/5abd6798-3a69-c150-4c8f-4c8fba281f6d/element/f03ae154-0ef1-4e70-cb7c-9f3e4bef3670/click 500 547.228 ms - 210
2016-01-08 17:13:33:915 - info: --> POST /wd/hub/session/5abd6798-3a69-c150-4c8f-4c8fba281f6d/elements {“using”:“link text”,“value”:“Save”}
2016-01-08 17:13:33:919 - info: <-- POST /wd/hub/session/5abd6798-3a69-c150-4c8f-4c8fba281f6d/elements 500 3.692 ms - 210
2016-01-08 17:13:34:232 - info: --> DELETE /wd/hub/session/5abd6798-3a69-c150-4c8f-4c8fba281f6d {}
2016-01-08 17:13:34:232 - info: Shutting down appium session

Does any encountered similar situation before? what would be the possible reason for the failing??


same issue happened to iOS side