Will it be possible to uninstall and reinstall the app in a single session on both iOS and Android


I’m able to remove the app with bundle id after I installed the app. But with the same session and using same driver i couldn’t re-install the app within a session. Is it possible on iOS and Android devices? If so, kindly share your knowledge on this.

Thanks in advance.

FullReset flag will reinstall app on start and uninstall on quit.

Below is the scenario where I need to re-install the app within a single session.
Installed the app and logged in with an account then I removed the app from the device. And, I tried to re-install it on same device. But I couldn’t install in a single session. Driver got quit and test case is ended.

You mean https://appium.readthedocs.io/en/latest/en/commands/device/app/install-app/#example-usage cause driver quit? In such case I am out of ideas…

Accept one - start appium session without providing app. In such case I guess it should work.