WinAppDriver and DotNet Client Development and Maintenance


The Appium team is looking for passionate DotNet developers who would like to help us with Windows App Driver and Appium DotNet client maintenance and features development. If you want make the world a better place, add more quality to open source software and if you are the Windows-person then let us know.


I would be interested, but I don’t have much time for open source these days. Just wanted to mention this in terms of interest/support for your driver project.

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Hi @daluu, thank you for your message. At first you can have a look at the open issues we have that are labeled as help wanted and raise a related PR :
Regarding the windows app driver contribution it’s better to sync with @mykola-mokhnach, I know he have somethings in mind already.

Hi - I’m just checking in to see if anyone has picked up supporting WinAppDriver or the alternative YWinAppDriver mentioned above. (we are choosing technology for testing our windows application and Appium seems like a great fit)