WindowsPhone 8 testing support

I’m wondering what it would take to make Appium work for testing native Windows Phone 8 apps as well as Android and iOS apps. We are evaluating Appium at the moment and for a well constructed project seem to be able to use the same test scripts to assess both iOS and Android apps generated from a shared code base - but would love to do the same with the sister App on Windows. I realise this is probably not a trivial request but wonder if anyone is aware of projects aiming to do this, or if there is a fundamental barrier…


I’m interested in this as well.

Windows Phone 8.1 did add UI automation, so theoretically it could be possible. It’s also possible that this is too embedded into Visual Studio to be usable by Appium, though.

We would also benefit from Appium support for WP but I don’t think it’s in the current roadmap.

See this thread? How to Automate Windows Phone 8.1