Working with own android elements

Hello guys,

i´m writing a test script for an android app. And now i have a problem with a “Checkbox”-Element.
In fact it´s a own creation with own public methods (i´m not a developer, i have no idea how works with own elements creations. I only know there is this an own creation). That means there is no possible way to detect “isClicked”-State on Android UIAutomator. In screenshot you see, the checkboxes is in reality a “Relative Layout”, which only have a id and is clickable. I can only click on this layout to check a box. This element has 2 public methods “isChecked” and “isNotChecked”, which only set with http get/post request. I wrote a little script to detect the http post/get from app with logcat, but this takes to much time and is not stable every time.

So my question is, is there a really easy way to use public methods of own elements ? Or send/receive a http request without logcat and co.


I´m sorry for bad english, i´m also new on forum.
I´m very thankful for every help.

Once you find the element you can check for it’s attributes. Here’s a link with some examples: