Working with webviews that have document.readyState "interactive"


I have a web view that, for some reason, remains in the readyState “interactive”.

After I successfully switch to this webview, and I try to send ANY COMMAND to the webview, the appium server hangs (no response is received after the POST command is issued). The command is irrelevant, nothing works.

Is this something that is intended? Does the document.readyState have to be “complete” in order for appium to interact with it?

If not, I can provide some logs for investigations.


First check whether the switch is successfull,then check whether the element you trying to access is present.

If above two things are perfect then provide a explicit wait and then let the commands trigger.

The switch is successful.

NOTHING can be checked, as the first command sent to the server NEVER receives a RESPONSE from the server, ever. Not even javascript scripts are executed. The command is sent, I see it in the Appium Server Log, and then NOTHING, no response. Even fluent waits have no answer, the first wait command is issued, then the server HANGS, and no reponses are sent back.

I have the same problem (not exactly the same but looks related).
When I go to my page with JS on Safari (iOS simulator, last Xcode) with Appium >= 1.3.5, It stucks with “readyState was interactive” and can’t do anything else. It’s ok with Appium 1.3.4
Only happen on Safari and not with Android
I’ve raised an issue here :

I still have this error. The Url I try to reach is
My iOS Simulator load the page but Appium continue to says “readyState was interactive” during 5 minutes.
If somebody can help me on this, it would be so great !