[WPF] Simulating touch on desktop

Hello. I need to simulate touch interactions for my test wpf application.
I’ve tried to use TouchActions as follows:

var _tapActions = new TouchActions((WindowsExtendedDriver)_driver);

_element is the IWebElement.

WindowsExtendedDriver is WindowsDriver(of WindowsElement type) and implements IHasTouchScreen as follows:

     public class WindowsExtendedDriver : WindowsDriver<WindowsElement>, IHasTouchScreen
         public WindowsExtendedDriver(Uri remoteAddress, AppiumOptions AppiumOptions) : base(remoteAddress, AppiumOptions)
              TouchScreen = new RemoteTouchScreen(this);

         public ITouchScreen TouchScreen { get; }

I know, that approach marked as obsolete, the result was very close to what I expected.
Anyway, using all these I got a weird behavior: I see how touch cross (instead of cursor) is trying to tap on an element, but taps doesn’t affect the test app at all. Looks like it taps on something that covered the test app.

Also I’ve tried to use TouchAction:

var tapAction = new TouchAction((WindowsExtendedDriver)_driver);

but It clicks, not touches.

My test app has a listener for TouchDown event and update a lable to indicate touching.

Could somebody help me with it, please?