Xcode 6.2 not able to launch iOS7 simulators


Since I updated to Xcode 6.2 I am not able to start my tests using iOS7 simulators. It starts the simulator, installs the app, starts opening the app and then closes the simulator.


info: [debug] And extra without-delay env: {“DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES”:“/Users/jp.nogueira/Documents/Native-iOS/cucumber_appium_nap_ios/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-instruments/thirdparty/iwd6/InstrumentsShim.dylib”,“LIB_PATH”:“/Users/jp.nogueira/Documents/Native-iOS/cucumber_appium_nap_ios/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-instruments/thirdparty/iwd6”}
info: [debug] And launch timeouts (in ms): {“global”:90000}
info: [debug] [INST] Waiting for device to boot…
info: [debug] [INST STDERR] 2015-03-17 10:56:57.887 instruments[36025:1131292] -[UIAInstrument(UIAInstrument_Simulator) _startAgentForApp:withPID:]: Warning: Automation instrument could not locate sim tool.
info: [debug] [INST] 2015-03-17 10:56:57 +0000 Fail: An error occurred while trying to run the script.
info: [debug] [INST] Instruments Trace Complete (Duration : 8.569084s; Output : /tmp/appium-instruments/instrumentscli0.trace)
info: [debug] [INSTSERVER] Instruments exited with code 0
info: [debug] Killall instruments
info: [debug] Instruments crashed on startup
info: [debug] Attempting to retry launching instruments, this is retry #1
info: [debug] Killall iOS Simulator
info: ← POST /wd/hub/session - - ms - -
info: Launching instruments
info: [debug] Attempting to run app on iPhone 5s (7.1 Simulator)

My setup is:
Xcode Version 6.2 (6C131e)
ruby 2.2.0p0 (2014-12-25 revision 49005) [x86_64-darwin14]
appium_lib (6.0.0) ruby library
appium 1.3.6
node v0.10.33

Compiling the app using Xcode on all simulators and iOS versions an devices works fine, this is an issue only when using Appium. Any suggestion?


Have the same issue with same setup.

I am wondering if the reason why no one else (apart from us and this person http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28976694/unable-to-launch-ios7-1-simulator-in-xcode-6-2-instruments) is that no one is using the ruby library, if no one else tests iOS apps on iOS7.1 simulators, if this is for a specific ruby version…

Even if you are not using the ruby library or it is working for you, let us know what is your setup so that we can get a more info on this please.


Faced the same issue. Not an appium or Ruby library issue (I am using Java library), as per the stackoverflow thread, issue is with 8.2 sdk and 7.1 Simulator - Instruments has the same problem. Perhaps there will be a fix from Apple or 8.3 will perhaps come along soon and it’ll be resolved then. You’ll have to shift back to 8.1 sdk or restrict your simulator tests to iOS 8.1 and 8.2.

Same issue here :frowning: