Xcode 6 + iOS 7.1 sim slowness?

Anyone noticing that Appium 1.3.1 + the iOS 7.1 sim runs tests much slower? When I compare to iOS 8, the same test runs the same test about 2x slower.

You can see the delays between the calls in the appium logs. Seems like the responses are not coming back from instruments as quickly.

Seems like it could be an Apple thing, but I just want to make sure it’s not just me.

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Just moved into Xcode6 with Appium 1.3.4 - its very slow with iOS sim 7.1.

Switched back to Xcode5 using the same Appium and its fast again.

Am I missing something with the Appium setup?

The same situation here.
The test are running slowly on native part.
Performance reductions is about 2 times.

Lets hope it will be fixed for IOS 8.2

Has anyone found a workaround to getting iOS7.1 simulators to not be slow when using XCode6?

Our current workaround is to maintain different versions of Xcode. We install them under /Applications/ using a version suffix (ex. “Xcode-5.1.app”) and switch between them using a script (see below) before relevant CI jobs. Unfortunately, I do not know of a better way.


if [ ! -z $1 ] ; then 

cmd="sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode$version.app/"
echo $cmd

Thanks - but we dont support building our app with Xcode5 so I can’t switch the compiler. I need to be able to run iOS7 simulators from XCode6.

I assume your response means that you also see the delay in iOS7 with Xcode6? This seems like an instruments delay issue that the Appium folks fixed for us a while back.

We build and compile our app in Xcode 6 and it runs in the Xcode 5 simulator when we switch back for appium tests, so if you haven’t tried it yet it’s worth a shot.

And yes, I see the same delay. In fact, I am the original poster of this issue :smile:

Facing same issue with XCode 7 and iOS 9 Sims now. This is due to facebook instruments-without-delay not supported for XCode 7. I am not sure if they will continue to support this as they have this --> https://github.com/facebook/FBSimulatorControl now which I think they use for their tests.

Check the issues list here --> https://github.com/facebook/instruments-without-delay/issues

I am not sure about workaround that works currently and reliably.

Folks, looks like there’s an active pull request for the fix for this, but fb is disowning instruments-without-delay and recommending that someone just forks the project. I have tried the fix and it works, but it’s a bit hairy since new permissions issues in Xcode 7 require some plist editing to work.


I took notes of my steps to implement it the fix:

cd ~ git clone https://github.com/lawrencelomax/instruments-without-delay.git cd instruments-without-delay/ git checkout xcode7-quirks ./build.sh

Next, you’re going to want to edit the plist file at:

And replace it with the one from the url below. Be sure to replace the paths ("/Users/lawrencelomax/src") with your own build dirs:

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Thank you for these steps. I was able to remove the delay in my scripts. After about 2 weeks of this slowness I was going out of my mind.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

I am giving this a go as I usually run my tests on an actual device.

Any idea if this sort of optimization can be apply to an actual iOS device in the future?

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Thank you very much for sharing this. This works for me and now my tests are running 3X faster. :slight_smile:

can I say you are my life saver!!! thank yo so much!!!

Hi, did you try on simulator only or it’s benefit to both simulator and iOS devices? Thanks

Simulator only.

Anyone else got this working with no delay on a device? I am always wondering.

My test cases are executing very slow in simulator after updating xcode…

Simulator : 9.2
Xcode : 7.2
OS X EI Capitan

Can any one help me on this??

Is it working for you on simulator ?

Please refer to this link i recently posted.

safe.log (1.6 MB)

Need a urgent help . I am not able to run the scripts on real device