Xcode build works but appium hangs at splash screen

I can build a local version of my app in Xcode and have it installed on my iPhone 13 simulator. The installed application works fine

However, I am unable to use appium inspector or wdio. The application will install to the simulator, but then the app stays on the splash screen and after a while will try to reinstall.

For sanity, I tried UIKitCatalog.app and placed it in the same directory. The appium can launch this perfectly.

How come my app works in Xcode but not appium? Are there additional build configurations that need to be done for Appium to use it successfully

appium.log (33.6 KB)

I guess this is a problem with WDA (Web Driver Agent), this is a common issue, it might take it a longgggg time to build and launch on the device (this is an app installed on you iOS device, additionally to yours and which acts as a proxy between appium’s xcuitest driver and the iOS device).

please try to add this capabilities:
"appium:wdaStartupRetries": 4,
“appium:wdaLaunchTimeout”: 120000

and try to run it with appium inspector as you did. it might take a couple of minutes, and then see if it will launch (might take even 10 minutes).

recommended, you can build WDA manually, with webdriveragentrunner.
follow those steps: https://appium.io/docs/en/advanced-concepts/wda-custom-server/#:~:text=In%20order%20to,on%20the%20springboard.

try to look online how to speed up web driver agent’s launch.

you need to see this app installed:

thank you. I can confirm that WDA is installed and appears to work for the sample app.
It looks like I’m getting the same results

for the actual .app file what I did was I first built the app in the simulator using the play button, then I went to build the location xcode/derriveddata/app/build/products/debugdeviphonesimulator to copy the .app file

do you know if this is correct or something else should have been done?

I actually figured it out. I needed metro running too. xcode does this automatically, but not when using appium

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