XCode iOS Simulator loses mobilesafari.app

I’m using Apple’s XCode iOS-Simulator to run tests of a browser application on a iPhone Simulator 8. But sometimes the iOS simulator loses the safari.app, so I can’t run the tests (without a browser on my device - it’s not only not displayed, it’s not there). I don’t know why the safari.app is lost and when this happens. It’s the same problem with all devices (iPad and iPhone) and all software versions that are installed.

First I tried to “reset content and settings”, but nothing happens. Then I installed XCode’s iOS-Simulator 6.1 package and switched to it. This version contained safari.app. I switched through the different versions and after some switches, the devices with 7.1 had safari.app again.

A short time later XCode iOS-Simulator lost the app again. “Reset content and settings” didn’t worked again, switching the versions had this time no affect.

Then, I removed XCode from the mac and installed it again. safari.app was not on the simulated device. I used “reset content and settings” and then the safari.app was there.

The last part (from reinstall to reset) is the way I go every time the simulator loses safari.app. And this way needs time and is annoying…

I use OS X 10.9.4 with XCode 6
So I have 2 questions:

What happens that iOS-Simulator loses safari.app?
How can I get it back without reinstall XCode?

Thanks for your help.

This problem resolved.

Appium-MobileSafari.app was found on my hard disk and installed on emulator. Now I have Safari on my iPhone Simulator.

I would like to know more details on how you resolved this problem as going through the exact same problem. Could elaborate how you got out reinstall cycles as I would like to install Appium-MobileSafari.app on to iPhone Simulator

it’s pretty easy. You can provide path to Appium-MobileSafari.app in Appium (GUI), start Appium and click Inspector button (or use prelaunch settings). App will be installed on simulator.

Can you please guide me where to get the Appium-MobileSafari.app file.