Xcodebuild failed with code 65

I had try everything its possible, re install Appium also, install all the packages, config Xcode project, the problem is when I try to reach my real iOS using Appium, I can’t make appium control my iPhone, even if I’m using visual studio or using Appium tools to do that job.

More Info about it:

-iPhone 7 plus
-iOS 11.2.6
-Appium 1.7.2
-Xcode 9.2

Im using a Mac Book Pro with Sierra Version, the latest one.

If anybody could give me a hand, I’ll be really really glad!!!

Thank you all.

Please follow instructions carefully from https://github.com/appium/appium/blob/master/docs/en/drivers/ios-xcuitest-real-devices.md

Even if you do small mistake in setup, you will keep on getting error 65

this is mostly reported issue on github but it’s user side problem and not appium’s

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hi, I’m seeing this issue but do not use a real device, I’m using an iphone7 simulator with xcode 8.3.3.
is this possible?