XCUIElementTypeButton has name= and label= in iOS 13, not in 14

On iOS 13 running our app, I get all 6 XCUIElementTypeButton’s names and labels in our top toolbar. On iOS 14, I only get the first one’s name and label. The other five only show

<XCUIElementTypeButton type=“XCUIElementTypeButton” enabled=“true” visible=“true” x=“356” y=“0” width=“54” height=“32”/ >

The first one, on both iOS 13 & 14 shows

<XCUIElementTypeButton type=“XCUIElementTypeButton” name=“hamburger” label=“hamburger” enabled=“true” visible=“true” x=“20” y=“0” width=“32” height=“32”/ >

Appium 1.18.1 on Catalina with Xcode 12.

Only your app developer can help. You can double check also in xCode inspector.

Yea, it appears. I could find them using OpenCV, but not find_element_by_image, but that’s a post for another thread.