XCUIElementTypeSecureTextField not working

I am trying to send keys to this password field with appium webdriver 4.3.1 and it is not working. Any suggestions?

//In my test

//Element trying to find
[FindsByIOSUIAutomation(ClassName = “XCUIElementTypeSecureTextField”)]
public IWebElement passwordInputElement;

post logs please.
I usually try to locate my elements using accessibility id since it seems to be the most supported and stable. Try other methods in which you can isolate that element, maybe by value or name.

Here’s the logs:

OpenQA.Selenium.NoSuchElementException : Couldn’t locate an element by these strategies: Locator map:

  • native content: "By.All([By.ClassName[Contains]: XCUIElementTypeTextField]); "
  • html content: "ByIdOrName([usernameInputElement]); "
    ----> OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverTimeoutException : Timed out after 30 seconds

When I try adding in the value it’s for whatever reason thinking it’s the email field instead of the password field.

while we have NOT XCUIElementTypeTextField

Never mind, I realize now that it was entering in the password field, but I wasn’t clicking the login button… There were 4 buttons so it didn’t know which one to pick. I updated it to use XPATH finding and now works like a charm. TY all