XCUIElementTypeToolbar not visible in iOS 16.4 and above

Since iOS 16.4 toolbar above keyboard (e.g. button “Done”) is not recognized by Appium nor Appium Inspector. It is however working correctly on iOS 16.3 and below.
What’s really strange is that this toolbar and buttons there (“Done” and arrows up/down) can be interacted with when the tested app is opened for the first time after the phone restart. But if the app was simply put to background and opened again, cable is reconnected or app reinstalled, these buttons are disappearing from Inspector.

Do you have any idea what might be an issue causing that?

It’s happening in WebView, if it makes any difference. I saw that since iOS 16.4 safari web views are not inspectable by default (link), but our devs changed that, and it’s enabled. But still, this toolbar is not visible.

I’m currently using Appium 2.0.1 and xcuitest driver 5.0.0. The lowest versions I was checking it was Appium 2.0.0-beta.71 and xcuittest driver 4.30.2.