XCUITest: Automatically signing the WebDriverAgentRunner

using appium 1.6.3, according to the documentation on testing on real devices:
It is easy to configure the Team Id and Signing Id to sign the webdriveragent automatically with the provisioning profile that is installed on the device.

“xcodeOrgId”: “”,
“xcodeSigningId”: “iPhone Developer”
nb: I’m sending this in the capabilities with the correct Team Id, but I leave “iPhone Developer”

The provisioning profile has very high chance to be installed on the device since we constantly deploy debug versions of our app. In Xcode i see many provisioning profiles including my company’s. I don’t have the provisioning profile on my Mac since I’m just coding tests and not the app itself.

I see many people applying the manual way for generating a WebDriverAgentRunner with XCode. I wanted to avoid this, why people are not straighforwardly using the automatic way?

When I run the test, I send the capabilities as mentionned above.

I attached my appium log and the xcode log for signing the web driver agent (transposed for some ids and names). Seems that the capabilities are making it through, but I don’t know where exactly.

Hope I’m at the right place for posting this (before posting a bug in the github, I’m surely missing something)
Thanks for you help
log.txt (11.6 KB)
xcode.txt (2.8 KB)

Now I have configured the dev Apple ID in XCode I can follow the manual procedure: setting the signing certificate in the WebDriverAgent project in XCode.

Now it all works.

But still, the initial problem is not resolved: using capabilities to instruct appium to auto-sign the webdriveragent runner with the profile installed on the device. I was curious about this.

I think there either a bug in how things are handled on the server, or the driver documentation should be fixed.

Note: I also passed the correct full developer id: “iPhone Developer: My Name (3JFOI3JF3KJ)”, but no success.

What is the error your getting?



Yes, I have attached the log, the error is inside.

=> xcodebuild exited with code ‘65’ and signal ‘null’


There is a fix in the above.

Hi, Thanks but I don’t get the point. The WebDriverAgent is properly signed and the test do run when I configure the xcode project.
I’m talking about the automatic signing described in the github documentation that does not work for me.

Real devices


The appium-xcuitest-driver has provisional support for iOS real devices. Not all functionality is currently supported.

WebDriverAgent needs to be built with development team and provisioning profile installed on device. The easiest way
to do this is to specify them as desired capabilities:

“xcodeOrgId”: “”,
“xcodeSigningId”: “iPhone Developer”

Then, in the doc, configuring the xcode project is presented as an alternative, if we can’t use the automatic signing…

Or if no one uses it, the documentation is wrong?