[XCUITest] UIPickerView element is not visible in application

Hi All,

I’m using Appium v1.6.4-beta on MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 with XCode 8 and iPhone 6s (iOS 10.2).

In the application I have date picker, time picker and type picker that are UIPickerView.

However, it is the only element that I couldn’t automate because it is not visible in:

  • driver page source (I see only the Cell element that contains no child elements, even if searching by ‘picker’, ‘wheel’ etc - nothing in source)
  • Appium Inspector (same here, I can only see the Cell element where it is placed, and red border that highlight cell with picker, but no picker here)

Is it some property that could be missed in application in order to be shown in Appium or is it issues with UIPickerView support in XCode 8 and XCUITest?

Thanks in advance!

Interface Builder Documents -> Use traits Variations
It shows for one time and disappear

Hi Oleg.

If your picker wrapped into Button/Cell interface you are not lucky!

We have same problem with few buttons that all inside not visible. Try to ask iOS DEV move your picker.

Yeap, it is wrapped into Cell. Thank you for workaround