XCUITest without delay


Is there a way to override the annoying delay (something like the old instruments-without-delay)?


also facing this problem, now iOS test is very very slow in real device, iOS 10.

XCUITest is slower than was before with IWD. Our experience is XCUITest is same speed and Android now (with same set of test).

@BB @ansonliao Found anything?

How did you achiev same speed for Android and XCUITest ?

@igal_epshtein just use mostly ids or predicates. And we use simulator but not real iOS device.

@Aleksei , thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “predicates” ?

My team is using ID mostly , and sometimes xpat , since we have moved to XCUItest framework , we are suffering from slow execution time (takes ages for the same test set which was running very fast on top of UIautomation + IWD)

@igal_epshtein predicates - https://github.com/appium/appium/blob/master/docs/en/writing-running-appium/ios_predicate.md

but in 90% we use IDs and we do not have much slowness. Do you use REAL device?

Nope. We use simulators, why?
Do simulators work slower with XCUITest?

@BB with real device Apple has 1 sec delay for automation commands which cause tests run slower on REAL device up to 3-5 times per our estimation.

Got it, thanks.
And do you suffer any slowness with iOS simulator?

@BB just a little bit when comparing to OLD IWD.