Xpath does not work with appium 1.3 beta for iphone 6

appium : 1.3 beta

dcapability[‘platformName’] = “iOS”
dcapability[‘platformVersion’] = “8.0”
dcapability[‘deviceName’] = “iPhone 6”

The xpath used to access a text field does not seem to work with a driver instantiated with above capabilities

The same xpath works fine for ios , 7.1 and ios 8.0 on iphone 5s simulator

Is there any tweaks needed for iphone 6?

You may try the following xpath: //UIATableView[1]/UIATableCell[1]/UIATextField[1] (just remove “UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[1]”). This workaround helped me to make my tests work under all platforms (including iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus).

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For Cross platforms, good to go with relative X-paths rather than absolute x-paths.

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removed “UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[1]” and that worked! thanks

if there is more than one UIATableView in different UIAWindow,How to distinguish them?
for example:

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Also if I want to click on the Parent node of the particular element, how do we handle it??

eg. > Is it possible to have xpath like this? :


Which should locate to that particular “UIATableCell[1]” which has child with text ‘XYZ’.

@Chandra could you help me with this?