Appium 1.8.0 Release

Appium 1.8.0 introduces full support for the W3C WebDriver specification
(digested version of the spec).


  • Minimum NodeJS version moved to 6
  • Add methods for
    • getting and setting the clipboard contents
    • get full screen screenshots
    • Application management
  • More efficient app downloading by caching URLs
  • All moveTo operations in touch actions now take coordinates as absolute
  • Support for registering selenium grid through HTTPS by setting the configuration
    key "hubProtocol" to "https"
  • Add otherApps desired capability, to specify array of ancillary apps to install
    on session creation


  • Support for iOS 11.3/Xcode 9.3
  • Fix handling of process arguments
  • Add capabilities
    • shutdownOtherSimulators - shutdown other running simulators at session start up
  • Add ability to record screen
  • Add support for complex gestures
  • Fix handling of custom SSL certificate on simulators
  • Better handling of xcodebuild processes
  • Maintain keychains while upgrading apps
  • Better handle simulators in unexpected states
  • Add performance measuring (see documentation)


  • Support for Android P (API Level 28)
  • Fix handling of webview contexts when resetting apps
  • Fix handling of screen recording
  • Make sure intent is broadcast when file is uploaded
  • Add possibility to broadcast device logs through WebSocket
  • Chromedriver
    • Bundle version 2.37
    • Automatically choose compatible Chromedriver for Chrome version
      • chromedriverExecutableDir capability to specify where Chromedrivers are located
      • chromedriverChromeMappingFile capability to specify what Chromedriver version corresponds to what Chrome version
  • Fix Handling of idle state waiting
  • Speed up screenshot logic in UiAutomator2
  • Allow disabling of notification watching through settings
  • Fix parsing and granting of permissions for app under test
  • Support deep linking and Android Instant Apps

I am unable to apply with this build. You can find the logs below.

Guys, any introduction about this setting?

I think that refers to this PR (

You can explore it by using the tests they implemented, such as

The settings enableNotificationListener is in documentation in here:

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There was a very informative webinar on this release from Jonathan himself.

Do wattch with your team


Hey :slight_smile:
can you publish the appium REST server endpoints?

is there any documentation regarding screen recording?

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For Java-Client you can check:


When we can expect appium 1.8 dmg for mac, I am facing a problem, my all iPhone devices updated to 11.3 and now i unable to run appium on it i also tried with install globally but its not performing click. just launch the app.But script working fine with 1.7.2 appium on 10.3 ios version

You have dmg for appium-desktop (

To automate iOS11.3 I think you should have appium 1.8 and XCode9.3

Appium 1.8 dmz not available on that release note .
yes i already have xcode 9.3 and appium 1.8 (Globally installed by npm) but still not working.
For make sure the element i have to use appium inspector which can be use in dmg

Open a new topic with the your code and logs from appium.

I had an issue with Appium 1.8 version after completing the tests in the result it shows test fail i think when it will try to open app again it’s browser exception.

Probably over this weekend. But you can use 1.8 from the command line and use the Inspector with it still.

I tried your code in my project, but it does not work - startRecordingScreen() method does not exist. I’m using Appium version 1.8.0. What could be wrong?

Cheers, Ziga

Its not my code :slight_smile: Its the code used to test the java client.

Make sure you are using the latest java client.

Oh, I see it comes with Appium Java client 6.0.0-BETA3. Thanks

With command line 1.8 its shows error
“Returned value cannot be converted to WebElement on iOS 11.3 with Appium 1.8.0

@pushpank I am facing the Same Issue(Returned value cannot be converted to WebElement) and when I tried to Down grade it to 1.6.1 It is Showing 1.6.1 in the when i tap “About Appium” from menu on the mac.When i check for Updates its saying “up to date”.Let me know if you could be able to resolve some how Thanks.