Appium Tests via Android Studio and Gradle


I recently started playing around with Appium and I think that it has huge potential.

I’m wondering has anyone ever used it in Android studio and used gradle to build it rather than maven?

If so then I would really appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction regarding how to go about setting this up!


Also interested to find out if Appium is compatible with Android Studio, thanks!

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I think it is! But which versions are workin stabil together is an importent question.
I’m trying it out, but get Errors while passing one part of the test.

For more informations:
If you need some more informations like gradle file, let me know it.


Appium is compatible with Android Studio and here is details step by step explanation about how to do it.



Hi Ronan, which Android test framework are you going to use? UIAutomation works perfectly fine, but Appium still doesn’t support the recent test frameworks like Espresso.

You can use this video to step by setup Appium setup with Android Studio

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@Anuja_Bhatt please share next level video because i am stuck in integrating TestNG into Android Studio

@vaibhav_khachane I have blog post written for it check this -
I will update video soon.

Hola soy nueva con esto del Appium y Android Studio me gustaria saber de donde sale el código que has puesto de la calculadora, o sea si lo hicistes tu o lo genera appium una vez que este iniciado el emulador con la apk que se desea probar?
Además tengo instalado el Android SDk y cuando creo algún proyecto me sale el error de junit 4.12 y lo tengo añadido a la librería. Por favor me gustaría que me respondiera.
Gracias de antemano

Does it works the same way as Robotium?.
With the help of Android studio we can directly install the debug build into the device and test cases is Automactically when using Robotium.

Does appium offers that much power and control using android studio?.


Hi Anuja and guys - I was trying to setup appium tests to run from Android studio using the TestNG framework and tried to follow your videos posted in your blog but I am not really having much luck with getting this to work. I am able to run the Appium tests from my NetBeans IDE with no issues. I am attaching the script that I am trying to run (only bare minimum steps included) and also the ‘build.gradle’ files as well as the Error log with the Android Studio ‘Make’ run. The Error ‘Error:Gradle: trouble processing “javax/xml/XMLConstants.class”:’ stands out and I tried many options in the online disussion formns with no luck. I have also attached screenshot of a warning I am getting when I do the build… Any help on this will be much appreciated…!

Build.gradle (App).txt (2.6 KB)
Build.gradle (Project).txt (869 Bytes)

Test.txt (2.8 KB)
Test.txt (2.8 KB)