Close without closing app

A bit like this unresolved thread:

Is there a way to close the connection without closing the application under control? Or do I need to “semi-manually” install the app, and open appium without an app id and then open it using touches? Or some other workaround? (Specifically MacOS and physical iPhone if that’s relevant.)

Have you tried dontStopAppOnReset capability?

Will give that a go. No idea why the documentaion is not indexed all over the show. Thanks will update if that resolves.

Just a note: this is for UIA2 driver. For XCUITest one the shouldTerminateApp capability should be used

I’m indeed using XCUiTest. And yes (python code bindings)

        'shouldTerminateApp': False,

Does exactly what I want by not terminating when I close the driver, this allowed me to re-open the driver and continue a test, but still allows me to close the app explicitly using driver.
Since does not document this capability but abdicates to the github here, which is not yet indexed by google often enough, this is a tad harder to find.

Thanks @mykola-mokhnach that shouldTerminateApp flag did it for me. Without someone explaining some of it to you, the documentation is just one huge page (wall) of text.

We know it is not ideal, although we are developer, not tech writers. PRs that improve the documentation are always welcome.

I have a github account, but I’m no longer a “coder”. I’ll have to write a better broken-down form of it that makes sense to me as a tester and play with it for a while. The Bookmarks in the docs at least work well. I wish we could collate more of the appium forum questions into a picture of where people have to go to reach certain goals. I might just do this once I’m confident I have grasped how it works better

Like today, today I am discovering the mobile extensions and how to call them, very java-centric, but easy enough to write your own python wrapper. Why nobody talks about a python wrapper/mixin for the “mobile: xxxx” extension is a bit strange.